At invis-Ability we always take the safety of our learners, staff and volunteers seriously.  We pride ourselves in being a safe space for all.

Face to Face sessions:

We always have at least 2 members of staff/volunteers in every session.  We will introduce ourselves and identify who is our administrator of the session.  Please approach our administrator with any problems, concerns or questions that are not directly regarding the course material.

We ask all participants (including staff/volunteers/students) to be aware of their surroundings and be responsible for their belongings.  Please remember we have participants who are very young and who have limited vision/mobility/hearing.

Online sessions:

We will always try to have at least 2 staff (all hold full DBS checks) or volunteers in an online class session. They will be introduced at the beginning of the session our administrator for the session will have ‘admin’ after their name on-screen.

If we, for technical reasons are unable to have 2 members in the session during under 18’s classes we will ask for at least one parent to sit and observe the session visible to all in the call.

When we run classes online we ask that no-one gives personal details during classes – even if we all know each other. First names only in class/onscreen please.

Please be respectful of others – take turns, use kind words. Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the session and may result in a ban from all our classes in any format.

We ask that parents of under 18’s are within earshot of their child. If you or your child feels uncomfortable at anytime during the session – please message the invis-Ability facebook page – our admin will be monitoring messages there in-case people have difficulty logging in or any other issues or use the private message option in zoom to the admin online.

Visits to schools/youth organisations:

We will inform the organiser of the names of all our staff/volunteers who will be coming to your site and the name of our lead person.  They will have a copy of their DBS check available on their phones if you require to see it. (If you are required to see the paper copy please make us aware before our visit.)

Private sessions:

You will be given the name of who is to attend your sessions.  They will be in uniform and wearing their staff lanyard.  For their safety they will be required to telephone their designated contact as soon as they arrive on site.  They are also required to contact again as they are leaving site.  If either of these calls are missed the contact will call the number you have provided.  If there is no response the contact may decide to attend site or to contact the police to do a welfare check.  This is in place to protect all participants

If you have a safeguarding concern:

Please contact one of our directors as soon as possible details below: